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_FOX5733.emv01Transition PR is led by director Eugenie Verney, a former Fleet Street journalist and now an accomplished business copywriter and PR consultant.
She learned her craft as a reporter and editor first, working for — among others — The Guardian, Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, the BBC and ITV, and a broad mix of B2B and consumer publications. She then took all those analytical, research, writing and relationship-building skills and honed them to help businesses and individuals win new clients.
She works with an eclectic mix of both B2B and B2C clients, key among them digital, PR and other marketing agencies as well as growing SMEs and switched-on entrepreneurs.
Her specialist areas are equally eclectic and on the B2B side include oil+gas, engineering, and the law, and on the B2C side sports event organisation, complementary health, and interior design.
Eugenie also has a Masters degree in employment law, is a keen runner with 30+ years experience, and an age group competitor in triathlon and associated sporting events.
As an added bonus, she also knows about sports event organisation from the business end: as co-founder of Scotland’s first adventure race, the Cetco Ythan Challenge, she helped build a local fundraiser into a must-have fixture that now sells out in minutes.
Eugenie is on LinkedIn and Twitter


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Eugenie at Transition PR has a magical ability to take what you need to say and craft something powerful. Whether it’s PR, copywriting, or any other area of marketing, she knows how to craft the right message for your audience.
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